Das Haus

Originally built in 1897 after a rich history as a hotel, a Ferienheim, a Bier Cafe with a beer garden, an Eintopfrestaurant and a retirement home, the house OKER13 was acquired by the Ros brothers in 2013. In late 2013, they commissioned an interior architect to convert the building in stages to an alternative holiday home. The renovation was done with remaining elements and building materials from various periods the house had known, and then complemented by furniture from these same periods.
This decorating style will take you to different places: The mipolan flooring from the 1960s, kitchen elements from the basement have been reused in the hallway and in the kitchen on the 1st floor. Guests who wish to cook in the kitchen or to barbeque in the garden will find the local grocery store and supermarket (even briefly opened on sunday mornings as well) within walking distance.
The average paintings from the hotel rooms are all collected together on one wall in the entrance. Hanging there, they are to be admired by everybody by a mere glance of the eye. The wooden table top in the entrance space was formerly used as a cutting blade for vegetables in the restaurant kitchen. Also in the entrance space, you will find the scale on which the weight of the occupants of the Altenheim was measured; Please feel free to weigh your own weight! (particularly recommendable after refreshing mountainous walks) In the upper bathrooms, the typical vintage wall tiles from the 1960’s, especially the pink ones in the bathroom, are all well conserved. The same goes for the wood paneling walls in the stairwell, which are all supplemented by special new planed paneling. Under the old hallway carpet the old granite floor has been carefully restored. The colossal wall of books in the library has moved from the ground floor to the 1st floor; on which for years the residents of the Altenheim spent their days.
In times when the house is not rented out, the renovation of the 2nd floor and of the basement will continue in the same manner, in order for more rooms to be provided within a reasonable period of time. Each of them to be provided with a surprisingly different interior display than usual. We find that an “out of the way interior ” contributes positively to a unique holiday spirit!

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