Der Harz

The Harz area contains a far stretching forest, deep valleys with wild rivers, waterfalls, ponds and water reservoirs. These natural areas in combination with neighboring cities on the UNESCO World Heritage List make the Harz a perfect holiday destination year round. Below you will find a list of sights and activities that we recommend during your vacation at OKER13.

At 200 meters from the villa Oker13 you will find the “Tourist Information Center” where you will find any information on the Harz and activities, including video presentations about the Harz and its industrial heritage. You can also take folders of countless sights and activities in the area. A little further down the road you will find cosy restaurants where pure local food, for dulcet prices, as everywhere in the Harz.

In Altenau there is a brand new wellness centre with saunas and swimming pools and even a (free) natural pool in the from the 1920s. The largest herbal garden in Europe can also to be admired in Altenau. Because Altenau is centrally located in the Harz Oker13 it is an ideal base for hiking, cycling, rafting or canyoning in the immediate area or for trips throughout the Harz and its surroundings. For a change, it is also possible to visit major historical cities like Braunschweig, Erfurt, Goslar, Hildesheim, Leipzig or Werningerode.